‘We provide true lived experience peer support

Response: Lived Experience Mental Health Support has partnered with the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation to open pathways for Officers to seek treatment for PTSD and other mental health issues.

They are a charitable not for profit organisation that run the “Triumph Over Trauma” Program in a tranquil environment at Boonah in South East Queensland. All participants have their own room with shared amenities and the program is open to Ambulance Officers, Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Fire Officers, and Military, both past and present Australia wide who suffer from PTSD or related mental illness.

At the Program, they deliver CBT, evidence-based, and evidence-informed sessions, which include Equine Therapy, Canine Support, Nurtrionlist, Exercise Physiologist, and other Mental Health Professionals. 4 Aussie Heroes also recognise the important role that loved ones and support people offer in this journey, so they offer them a chance to attend in the middle weekend, to receive skills and support to assist them as well.

Thanks to our partnership with 4 Aussie Heroes, the Triumph Over Trauma Program is free of charge to Correctional Officers with the only out of pocket costs being transport to and from Brisbane. If you are interested in attending the program please contact Katrina Cox on 0419 769 309 and visit for more information about the foundation.

Response: Lived Experience Mental Health Support has also partnered with the University of Sunshine Coast’s (USC) Thompson Institute. The Thompson Institute is a world-class hub for research, teaching and clinical services for Australia’s most pressing mental health issues.

Their work is focused around four central themes:

  1. Clinical services provision
  2. Advocacy for patients and their carers
  3. Conducting ground breaking translational Research
  4. Education and teaching

This integrated CARE model, the first of its kind in Australia, puts the Thompson Institute at the forefront of research for some of Australia’s most pressing mental health issues, including dementia, suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder and youth mental health.

Our partnership with the Thompson Institute has opened pathways for Correctional Officers to gain access to the latest clinical trials, and their evidenced based holistic well-being program called EMERALD free of charge.

EMERALD offers Correctional Officers personalised coaching and high-quality learning modules that arm you with strategies proven by the latest science to support well-being. Through EMERALD you gain support from experts at USC’s Thompson Institute, whose mission is to improve lives through neuroscience.

When you start EMERALD, you gain access to a health coach, expert practitioners and high-quality learning modules. The 8-week program is tailored to your needs where you’ll adopt healthy habits that can help you feel better – now and into the future.

Learning modules are online and appointments are by Telehealth (phone or video calls that you can make from a location that suits you). Learn well-being strategies backed by the latest science.

Topics you can choose from include:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and movement
  • Sleep quality
  • The power of mindfulness
  • Social connection
  • Anxiety management
  • Understanding mental wellbeing

The Thompson Institute will also be one of our research partners where we will conduct future Correctional Officer specific projects.


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